About US

ARI, trusted supplier for phone LCD and parts since 2005

About Us

Better sources
ARI cooperate with more than 300 suppliers in China. With huge purchase volume, we have always the first-hand factory sources with a cheaper price than other suppliers do!
Strict quality control
We have strict quality control, and clear difference of several levels on quality, which also marked in our price list.  
Return policy for defective parts
All LCDs have a 12-month warranty, with strong protective packing materials. If any items broken when you received it just take a photo and send us, we will arrange replacements to you ASAP.  In addition, our return loss is less than 1%, which most suppliers cannot reach.
Credit on orders
When you want to add several urgent items in an order after payment, we could ship together and you pay in next order. After we cooperating for more than a year, trust each other, we could offer more credit on your orders.

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